WAV Ringtone Makers

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  2. February 17, 2013 1:04 am

WAV Ringtone Makers

How You Can Make Your Own WAV Ringtones

One of the most interesting features of modern mobile phones is the ability to set practically any music file as a ringtone that will play when a call is received. It is possible to search online and find thousands of ringtones in popular formats such as WAV and MP3, that can be downloaded and sent to a mobile phone. But sometimes, you just can’t find the song you want as a ringtone. Or you might want to use a specific part of a song as a ringtone.

This is where ringtone makers can come in very handy. There are some web based apps and downloadable programs that make creating a WAV ringtone very easy. The most basic ones allow you to take any music file, select where you want your ringtone to start and end, then output the completed file in WAV format.

Some more advanced ringtone makers have features that will allow you to customize your ringtone even more. You can add effects such as fade or treble, change the speed at which the song plays, normalize the sound so that it plays at the highest possible loudness without becoming distorted, add various sound effects and even mix two songs together.

Among the most popular ringtone making desktop tools are Fred Cookie’s Ringtone Maker, which is free, and MMF MP3 AMR WAV RingTone Maker from Magic Software, which comes in a trial version. Make Own Ringtone is a good web based tool that supports numerous audio formats, including WAV, for input and output, and has 3 modes to help you create a ringtone, “Easy”, which simply lets you choose the start and end times, plus “Advanced” and “Expert”, which let you manipulate the sound a lot more.

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