Converting WAV Files to MP3 Format

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  2. May 23, 2013 1:11 am

Converting WAV Files to MP3 Format

Converting Files – WAV to MP3
Converting files on a computer can seem like a process only meant for software engineers or professionals, but in actuality, it is quite easy for the common computer user to convert files. Specifically, converting WAV to MP3 can be done in a cinch.

Why Would You Want to Convert WAV to MP3?
Converting WAV to MP3 may seem like a pointless task to many people who aren’t familiar with the advantages it can bring them, but there are many different reasons why you might wish to make this type of conversion. For example, uncompressed WAV files can be quite large, but once converted to MP3, their sizes can decrease dramatically. Additionally, WAV files can’t be imported into certain types of music player software.

How to Manually Convert Between WAV to MP3
You can manually convert WAV to MP3 by downloading a LAME MP3 encoder and using it with appropriate software. This method is a bit more advanced, but it’s still not very hard for the average computer user to grasp.

How to Automatically Convert Between WAV to MP3
You can also automatically convert between WAV to MP3. Many sites are beginning to pop up all over the internet that allow free online WAV conversion to MP3 free of charge. This is often times the best method because of how easy, quick, and stress-free it is. Simply upload the WAV file to the converter, and download the remaining MP3 file. Also, you can use programs that are specifically designed to make these types of conversions.

Overall, converting WAV to MP3 is a great way to save space and import your music into your favorite music player. Some operating systems even come with free software that can complete file conversions, so this is also a good place to look.

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